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Waterfall 2.0

Wanted to create a new waterfall scene with a bit more effort put into it. I created an 360-Environment to be able to set cameras where ever. Particle Count: 8 million Simtime: 7hours for 600 …


Waterfall created in Cinema4D, simulated with x-particles and rendered in Octane 4 Wanted to try a larger scale simulation. Particle Count: 1.9million Simtime: 4hours for 500 frames rendertime: 6hours, 4x 1080ti Cinema 4D Octane Render X-Particles …

Colored Nature

Colored Nature Entry.


80s inspired synthwave, experementing with water drops. Cinema 4D Octane Render X-Particles Photoshop

Sand in detail

Testing out some scattering techniques, wanted to see if I could reproduce the result of Raphael Rau. Using a Octane scatter with 5 different types of rocks, 2.000.000 instances on a displaced plane. Cinema 4D …


Experimenting with splinedynamics Cinema 4D Octane Render Photoshop


Testing out some Megascans assets. Cinema 4D Octane Render Photoshop  

Nike Flyknit

Combined different elements from the various Nike Flyknit shoes. Cinema 4D Octane Render Photoshop After-effects


Re-modeled my audi model and animated a transformation into a race car. Cinema 4D Octane Render Photoshop After-effects

Audi TT

Modeled a Audi TT from scratch and did some simulations with it. Cinema 4D Turbulence FD Octane Render Nuke Photoshop  

Boeing 747

School project where we modeled an airplane. 3Ds max Coronarender Photoshop


Playing with Corona scatter and Freeform tool in 3Ds max. 3Ds max Coronarender Photoshop

Dipslacement mapping

Tested what you could do with only one material and a plane. (plus some random shapes ) Cinema 4D Physical Render Photoshop

Ice cube

Did some sculpting in C4D on the ice and the plane is only one material. Cinema 4D Physical Render


Testing some different lightning environments for fur! Blender Cycles


Playing around with displacement mapping from Photoshop. Cinema 4D Physical Render Photoshop

Abstract Renders

Testing different compositions and textures. Cinema 4D Physical Render

Grafisk design – LIA2

Handla i vår Bordershop! – Polen Denna flyer är i A5-format och är ganska simpel. Den är gjord i Indesign med olika element ifrån Illustrator så som banderollen. Priserna är alltid placerade i ett kvadratisk eller …

Infographic – Water

Particles in Blender

This is my first go at Particles in Blender. Blender Cycles


Exploring new techniques with Greyscalegorilla. Cinema 4D Physical Render Photoshop

My watch

Here I was testing out NVIDIA’s Iray-render Beta, GPU based. Cinema 4D Iray (Beta)